Welcome to TransworldGarnet

Welcome to Transworld Garnet
  • Garnet is synonymous with jewellery and very few know about its industrial applications in the last decade.
  • Garnet is not a single mineral, but is the name of a group of six members having different mineralogical compositions but common order of crystallization, hardness, specific gravity etc. In general, they are silicates of aluminium with different proportions of iron, calcium, magnesium, chromium & manganese in the composition giving rise to different varieties.
  • Almandine is the common garnet, also known as Abrasive Garnet because of its hardness and capacity to retain its crystal structure, a major deciding factor in abrasive blasting.
  • Garnet is found in free form associated with a few other heavy minerals and in high concentration in the beach abrasive. Varying magnetic properties and conductivity enable the separation of various constituent minerals in the beach abrasive in dry state.
  • Heavy Mineral Beach abrasive, also known as “Beach Placers”, are identified in parts of Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu on the east coast and Kerala on the west coast of India.
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Our Principals

WGI Heavy Minerals Inc, formerly known as WGI International, OPTA Canada has a vision to become the dominant world supplier of industrial garnet and associated heavy minerals.

Our New Brand Eco Garnet

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Our Products

TGI produces seven grades (Mesh size) of garnet to meet the needs of different market segments.

Chief grades correspond to 1.7 mm to 125 mm.

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  • TGI has secured prizes for adapting best mining practices from the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) for past five years.
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